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In case you didn’t see it in the South Cambs magazine this month, there is a project run by East of England Development Agency to encourage faster broadband services in the region. Though we are dependent on unbundling of our Madingley exchange, it still may be worth registering on the project to provide as much vocal support as possible. The website isĀ



  1. Unbundling won’t make any difference, as it’s the distance from Madingley(Hardwick) exchange that determines the speed.The answer is to force the cable companies to provide broadband nationwide as BT have to.There is not the money to do this in the current financial climate and with this government this is unlikely to improve.No matter what Mr Lansley might say these are commercial companies and will do nothing without government financial support.This situation will only improve when BT do upgrade, then then the other companies will jump onto the bandwagon.

  2. There is a chance to get Madingley Exchange upgraded to BT Infinity.
    Please go to, and vote. This is a competition launched at the start of October, by BT, to find 5 exchanges to be upgraded as part of their current roll out plan.
    Please pass the message on to everyone. You can get the updates on the progress of the Madingley campaing on the facebook page called “We want BT to enable Madingley exchange for fibre broadband” or go to the url

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