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Coton Church

Flickr Credit: avidowl


  1. This must be a fairly arevent photo as the pond has been filled in.We lived in the cottages opposite the church. We sent to Sunday School in the church vestry, every week. I can recall Church outings held in the summer to the seaside. NAmes i recall beign involved with the Sunday School were Elaine and Pauline Cousins. Would love to see more information from anyone else who lived in Coton about that time (1940s 1950s)

    • John Sadler says:

      We lived next door to you! Sadler both my siaters, Sally and Hazel, have died. I’ve been back to Coton a couple of times for large family reunions. I read in our Old Boys magazine that David Childerley had died. I often wonder what happened to other people in the village. I saw John and Vicky White, Pauline and Elaine (Cousins) at one of my parties; Rex Webb at Hazel’s funeral and John Mole via Facebook. Any news of the other Childerleys, Barbara, Joan and Maureen.

  2. Chris says:

    I once volunteered at coton ‘C.E.’ School at Kathleen’s headship to expand a very old map of the village. It was grided and allocated to teams for each grid. The result was better and about 20 times larger. Chris X

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