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The old school and school teacher's cottage


  1. Rex webb says:

    Fond Memories of going to School from 1942 ? to 1947/8 then off to “Impington Village ?College”.
    The Coke fire in the classroom and Miss Pike to teach us.Gardening in the School Garden.Playing in the “Clay PIt” nr the school as well.

  2. George Bentley says:

    I was at the school from 1950-1955 when we removed to Cambridge. Great memories of the school . When we were in the younger class we had to ‘rest’ on camp beds. The teachers were wonderfully dedicated women.
    I also recall playing in the ‘claypit behind the school. and on the playground behind the school.
    TYhanks to Coton school when i moved to Cambridge and to PArkstreet I was put in their top class to eventually end up at the ‘County’ School for boys on Hills Road.
    ~Now resident in Croydon and miss the peacefull village. But makes me apreciate what living in a small village is like.

  3. I was at Coton School from 1958 until 1965. The year after i left the new school opened. I remember walking from home at the far end of Whitwell Way, past a field, which is now the housing estate ( St Peter’s Road, Benny’s Way etc). I remember seeing the estate being built.

  4. Yep the good old school.I started here when i was either 4yrs or 5yrs old in the infants class,then moved on to middle school in the men’s institute down opposite the Rectory and then moved back up to the main school building into seniors,thats where Miss Fowle taught me.At a guess between the years of 1959-60 to 1966 the years i spent at Coton school.Use to live in Silverdale Ave.I now live in Australia and have been since 1979.

  5. My dad went to this school from about 1954 he was born and breed in coton. I love the village and even attended the ne primary school when i was about 7 (1982) for a couple of years. Still vist regular to see my nan and grandad at the church. My grandad was Thomas George Sadler and my nan was Ivy Sadler. Many fond memories now sadly missed.

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