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Whitwell Way looking towards the church. This photo was taken possibly in the 1940s: before the school was built on the left, and houses 1-5 Whitwell Way on the right


  1. James says:

    The television aerials are for the BBC and ITV’s original 405 line services. The latter’s broadcasts began in 1955, serving London, but could be received here.

  2. Rex webb says:

    The Gate on the left of the picture was to The Pitts Farm.My siater and me Spent manny “HAPPY HOURS” there feedig the animals and ,HELPING ??.Well we thought we were helping.Don Pitt had a COAL round and the Coal was kept nr the “Plough Pub”.My sister and me Went on a Wonderfull Trip on the Coal cart to “LORDS BRIDGE Station” one day..We had sadwiches packed ad it took Hours to go and Fill Sacks with Coal and come home.All on a Horse drawn Cart. O to be able to return to thoes days.

  3. We lived at the cottages from 1948 unil 1958 that have now been pulled down opposite Pitts Farm between the church and Archie Sadler’s farm.

    We all attended the original Coton Cof E School under headmistress Miss Pike and Miss Thornton. Miss Thornton transferred to Old Hunstanton Primary School.

  4. Initially our neighbours were ‘granny Cousins’ on the one side and Mr Mrs Nightingale on the other.

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