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The Countryside Reserve offers a great chance to experience changing seasons within a working farm environment and has one of the best local panoramic views across countryside, including the historic skyline of Cambridge and Coton village.

Covering well over 300 acres (120ha) of pasture and agricultural land, the Reserve is located near the village of Coton to the west of Cambridge. With its open sky, large fields and tall hedges there is always interest – wildlife, landscape views and changing skies.

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  1. sara says:

    You can send CPPF your comments on the Coton Countryside reserve using an online form until 31st March 2011 at

  2. Naomi Gryn says:

    There was an item today on Radio 4’s Today programme about Woodland Trust’s offer for free trees for communities willing to plant Diamond Jubilee forests – I thought you might like to follow this up – – packs of 105 trees and 420 trees.

    Best wishes,


  3. Sara says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful post, I’ll pass it on. If you’re interested in planting more trees, it’s worth you contacting the PPF directly

  4. In autumn 2010 we have celebrated the planting of over 10,000 trees and shrubs – a great achievement and most have been planted by the local community during the various tree, orchard and hedge planting events held in the recent 5 years.
    We are hoping to plant more but are currently looking at all the options for enhanced wildlife habitats and finding the best locations. We will then look at best support from funding organisations and local donors (large or small) and the Woodland Trust will be one of the grant providers to look at.
    This autumn we will undertake replacement planting of those very few trees or hedge plants having failed and we are gong to prepare the ground for our new 100 fruit trees (grant provided by SCDC, Cambridge City Council and the Big Lottery) and community planting days will be held in late February/early March – dates tbc. Watch this space and join CambridgePPF to support our environmental work – visit our home page for more information on what we do.

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