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Are you having trouble with your broadband in Coton? I’ve received a report of very slow download speed in recent days from a Coton resident :

” I normally have a reasonable service but in the last week the internet has been much slower than usual and for the last day or two the email speed has been incredibly slow with some messages failing to go at all. I use BT.”

Download speed: 408kbps
Upload speed: 222kbps

Please post a comment if you have had similar problems, or have ideas for solutions.  Sharing knowledge can only be a good thing!

Carolyn Postgate


  1. Hi. I am the District Councillor for Caldecote and am co-ordinating the Caldecote village campaign to get Madingley Exchange upgraded to BT Infinity superfast broadband, as part of the Race to Infinity. I understand from Fiona Whelan, your County Councillor that Coton is on the same exchange. Please advise residents of Coton to go to the website, and vote for Madingley exchange to be upgraded. We need to get at least 1000 votes to even come close to being in the race. I have also created a Facebook page to update everyone on our progress and provide general information. The page is called “We want BT to enable Madingley exchange for fibre broadband”. Or go to the url
    Please feel free to contact me for more details. Look forward to working with Coton to get madingley exchange upgraded.

  2. We have the same issues in caldecote and thought it was the distance from the exchange. however, it seems that Hardwick have slow broadband too and they are less than 1km from the exchange.

    What we all need to do is vote at to try and get the powers that be to move the Madingley exchange up the priority list for 40Mb/s broadband.

    Also see here:

  3. John H says:

    Hi Neville, Tumi and broadband users on the Madingley exchange.

    Greetings from your neighbours on the Bottisham exchange!

    Edge (was Trilogy) has recently stopped its LLU ADSL2+ service on the Bottisham Exchange and are now just retailing BT’s standard ADSL service. A few people were using the up-to-24Mb/s service available with ADSL2+ and at least one business was combining an Edge’s LLU service with on from BT to give faster speeds when combined and greater reliability against being cut off by a service going down. Even those only buying an up-to-8Mb/s service from Edge are experiencing a slower service, including less than half the upstream speed and slower response times.

    October’s village magazine had two articles asking people to support campaigns for better broadband and two of us have one in press for the November issue.

    Perhaps all the Cambridge necklace villages should campaign together. I wonder how many of the activists from the days of Invisible Networks and Mesh Broadband are still around. I was in touch with people from several villages.

    Neville, if you want to get in touch about this, my email address is still the same!



  4. James Fox says:

    Article will be in Coton newsletter. Already on both Coton websites. Aiming to put flyer in Coton newsletter out early Dec (if get permission).

  5. Robert Asher says:

    Well done to our neighbours who put in the time & work to win the BT contest. Many thanks!
    I’m posting now with the more immediate concern that while we’re waiting until mid/late 2012 to usher in a decent broadband service, the available bandwidth appears in the last couple weeks to be particularly bad. Over the last couple years I’ve done my best to ensure my house connection is as optimal as possible, and this usually enables download speeds of over 100kb/sec and not too much hassle watching streaming video, youtube, etc. However, now despite what seem to be “normal” (for me) up/down bandwidth values at home (448 up, 1184 down, SN margin 18/12 for 4 days), what I actually see when downloading a photo, PDF, etc. is barely distinguishable from dialup, e.g., 5-15 kb/sec. Any streaming video has been out of the question for a week now.

    In the past when this happened it has typically meant that my BT hub disconnected and was syncing sub-1000kbps, so I re-synced and voila, things improved. But no longer… So I presume this is an issue w/ the exchange, larger than just my house. Anyone else having the same trouble?
    Robert in Coton

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