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BT announced today that the Madlingley exchange isone of six exchanges to have won the national competition for faster broadband.

This is due to the extremely hard efforts of many people, including several from Coton, who leafleted and visited every household to secure votes. Well done!


  1. Ivan says:

    This is great news – a big thank you to everybody who made it happen!

  2. Ryan says:

    This is definitely great news! When does it get rolled out? Looks like early 2012.

  3. sara says:

    I don’t think BT have worked up the rollout plan yet. Tumi Hawkins, district councillor in Caldecote was the coordinator of the local campaign and comms are going through her. I’ll post here when I hear anything.

  4. Robert Asher says:

    Well done to our neighbours who put in the time & work to win the BT contest. Many thanks!
    I’m posting now with the more immediate concern that while we’re waiting until mid/late 2012 to usher in a decent broadband service, the available bandwidth appears in the last couple weeks to be particularly bad. Over the last couple years I’ve done my best to ensure my house connection is as optimal as possible, and this usually enables download speeds of over 100kb/sec and not too much hassle watching streaming video, youtube, etc. However, now despite what seem to be “normal” (for me) up/down bandwidth values at home (448 up, 1184 down, SN margin 18/12 for 4 days), what I actually see when downloading a photo, PDF, etc. is barely distinguishable from dialup, e.g., 5-15 kb/sec. Any streaming video has been out of the question for a week now.

    In the past when this happened it has typically meant that my BT hub disconnected and was syncing sub-1000kbps, so I re-synced and voila, things improved. But no longer… So I presume this is an issue w/ the exchange, larger than just my house. Anyone else having the same trouble?
    Robert in Coton

  5. Sceptical says:

    How can a race to infinity be won? Infinity is an unreachable target…

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