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Do you have a stake in the future development of Coton and other West Cambridge villages? Please read the attached draft vision document and get in touch with the Parish Council with your thoughts.West Cambridge Vision


  1. I was born in Coton back in 1960 and have watched it from slowly into this new look village. I feel pleased to be able to say that on the hole changes have been made in a sensitive and considerate way. New housing, which i live in, has not had a detrimentle effect on the village but I’m very concerned that the proposal to build (possibly) on the field beside the school or at the top of Silverdale Ave could cause huge problems for the school. The road through the village at certain times is already congested and plain dangerous when the kids are going into and coming out of school. Building houses in what is essentially the dead end part of the village, with only one way in and out will cause a major bottle neck. I have often wondered why no one has thought to create a bigger car park for the school by using that nieghboring field ? Also, will the school only take in children from the village or will the school then have to expand and continue to take children from the Newnham side of Cambridge ? The more I think about this the more worried I’ m becoming, I don’t want to become yet another “Nimby” but I don’t think the position and size of this village is suitable for these developments !!!

  2. Linda Walker says:

    I agree Debbie and it has implications for the Pre-School too. We have had a bumper year with record numbers filling sessions right from the Autumn term-unheard of! We now have to provide a new larger building which is wonderful but half of all costs have to be raised, and responsibility falls once again to our hardworking volunteer PARENT (unpaid!) committee…
    Are there any plans for expansion of the school and other facilities to provide for all the new families?….I doubt it! Sorry to be cynical…

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