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The police have reported two thefts recently from cars parked in the Martin Car Park in the Coton Countryside Reserve on Wheatcases Road out of Coton. This car park seems to be vulnerable to thefts at the moment – if any walkers or cyclists see any suspicious behaviour, ring 101 at once to report it.

Here are the police reports:

On Saturday the 17th of May 2014 between the hours of 1430 and 1600 a motor vehicle was broken in to and items stolen.
The victims arrived in two cars and parked next to each other, almost opposite the sign for the reserve. The victims left a wallet in the driver’s side pocket and a handbag in the boot and left the vehicle secure. The vehicles had been left unattended for about 1.5 hrs and upon returning to the vehicles the victims were advised by a cyclist that their vehicle had been broken into, though it is unknown how the cyclist knew it was their car. On their return, victims found that their driver’s front and rear windows has been smashed and entry has been gained but doors not opened. Offender/s had stolen the wallet and handbag.

On Monday the 26th of May 2014 between 1230 and 1630 another motor vehicle was broken in to and items stolen.

The victim and his wife arrived at 1230hrs. They left their car parked at the rear of the car park. When the victims returned at 1630hrs, the rear nearside window had been smashed inwards and the property had been taken from the rear of the car.

If you have any information regarding this or any other crime please call in on our non emergency number 101

Alex Giltinane (Police, PCSO, Cambourne)

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