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Representatives from Cambridgeshire County Council will now present the proposed routes for consultation in the Village Hall on Thursday October 29th between 6pm and 8.30pm.  Please attend if you can.  The Parish Council has booked the Village Hall on the following evening: Friday 30th October, and will be holding session at 7.30pm to advise parishioners on how to respond to the consultation to best effect.  The minutes of the Parish Council’s meeting on 14th July record that it  ‘considered the proposals 1A, 1B and 1C, and was very concerned and strongly opposed to the impact of the bus route running past or through or close to the village. The Council deplores the fact that it has been misrepresented on the official map. The Council believes the SWOT analysis is misleading and inadequate’.   Please make time to respond to the consultation; it is very important that we make our collective voice heard.

As an alternative to anonymous consultants drawing arbitrary lines on maps is CambridgeBOLD.  An initiative which is driven by our District Councillor Francis Burkitt, CambridgeBOLD has asked dozens of local people where they believe the busway should be placed in order to minimise disruption to local communities and maximise its effectiveness.  The route itself will be further developed over the coming months, but the grassroots process is an excellent one which the Parish supports.  Please see for more details.

Thank you to everyone who signed the Save the West Fields petition, which now has around 3,500 signatures.  Several high-profile people have signed including Griff Rhys-Jones and Quentin Blake.  An ecological report of the fields has just been published which has shown it home to a ‘dazzling array of wildlife’.  Rare birds such as bitterns and night herons, an assortment of fish, bats, deer and barn owls have all been spotted in the area by James Cadbury, former Chief Ecologist at the RSPB, who has criticised the lack of ecological work done so far on the area by the authorities. Please see for more information on this.

Coton Parish Council has been talking to Highways England about improvements to the connectivity at the M11/A14 Girton Interchange, as we believe improvements here would significantly reduce congestion along Madingley Road.  A new plan of the junction has been drawn as a result of our representations. Please see for more details.

For those who wants to study the data on which forthcoming transport decisions will be based, an important new report has just been published, which can be accessed on

Finally, please contact me on hpbradbury at if you would be willing to help ensure our voice is heard over the coming months.


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  1. Dave Tasker says:

    Hi, an interesting read, thanks for publishing it. is a dead link I’m afraid – any suggestions to where it may have moved to?

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