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What you can do now

1. Please sign up here for information on future meetings and activities.

2. Please make your neighbours aware of this group

3. We believe the consultation process is flawed and biased in favour of the hugely expensive route through Coton and the West Fields.  If you agree, please complain about the inadequacy of the consultation process  to Recipient list for letters of objection.  A Coton resident, Helen Bradbury, is leading the local response and has shared her letter of complaint Resident letter on poor consultation process

4. We are in support of the Area 1 Central route (with a tidal busway) and firmly against the Area 1 South route (because of the consequent damage to Coton and the West Fields).   See Resident letter objecting to the scheme

5. Shockingly, although the consultation Greater Cambridge City Deal website has been open for 2 weeks and will close in less than a month, Coton residents have not yet been notified of the proposals by the City Deal group and the deadline for response is less than a month away (23rd November).  In the mean time, you can respond online  Before completing your response, however, please come to next week’s meetings 29th October (6pm Village Hall where the City Deal will present their proposals) and   30th (7.30pm  Village Hall at which the village will discuss its response).

6. You should have received this leaflet from the Coton Busway Action Group A5 Busway consultation flyer .  If not, please let us know.


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