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The west ramp up to the M11 bridge has subsided, causing a substantial drop at the point where it joins the horizontal section. This is potentially very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, especially at night, as the footpath is unlit.
We suggest that you contact Cambridgeshire County Council to ask for this to be mended. A problem can be reported online through the County Council website, Highway faults, Bridges.
There is little money for repairs but the more reports there are, the more likely something will be done.
A suggested description for the message box on the report form:
There is an increased drop/gap in the tarmac where the ramp joins the horizontal part of the bridge. There is only a 6-8 cm width place to ride a bicycle up onto the bridge. It is very dangerous at night coming off the bridge and down the ramp into Coton. Someone not aware of the drop is going to fall soon.

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