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Your village needs you

There was a fantastic response (more than 100 people on each evening) to the public meetings this week on the proposed West Cambridge Busway Presentation 30th October final

Many people contributed questions and their thoughts on how to solve the problem of local traffic congestion.  Enormous concern was shared, however, about Option 1 South which is shown on the consultation paperwork as driving a Busway through or extremely near to Coton.  This option is irreversibly environmentally and socially damaging, at far greater (£50 million extra) cost than the alternatives. The consultation process itself was heavily criticised as misleading and biased in favour of the damaging Option 1 South. If you share these concerns:

1. Please sign up  for information on future meetings and activities.

2. Please make your neighbours aware of this group.

3. If you share the view that that the consultation process is flawed and the materials misleading, please complain about the inadequacy of the consultation process  to Recipient list for letters of objection.  A Coton resident, Helen Bradbury, has shared her letter of complaint Resident letter on poor consultation process

4. We support of the Area 1 Central route (with a tidal busway) and firmly against the Area 1 South route (because of the consequent damage to Coton and the West Fields).  See Resident letter objecting to the scheme

5. Shockingly, Coton residents, potentially most affected by the proposals, received their leaflets less than a month before the closing date for responses (23rd November). Please complete and return your copy and respond online


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