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Please come along to a presentation by the Parish Council about the new The Western Orbital consultation, Wednesday 2nd March, 7.30-8.30pm, The Village Hall. We will be explaining the proposals and suggesting ways you can respond to best effect.

The map below shows where we consider to be the likely routes of the three proposed options.

BARTON-ROAD-November-2020.pdf (51 downloads)

Coton Parish Parish Council strongly opposes both the Blue (Off the M11 West) route and the Orange (Off the M11 East) route. We do so because we believe they cause serious and irreversible environmental damage to the Coton Countryside Reserve, Rectory Farm and the West Fields, and consider the three-minute improvement in journey time between junctions 11 and 13 not to be worth this damage, nor the £21 million extra cost.

We are also concerned by the stated aim for the Western Orbital to link effectively with the Cambourne to Cambridge busway. Given the strong opposition to Area 1 South throughout our village, we also oppose both off-road options for the Western Orbital because we believe they are intended to inter-connect with busway Area 1 South – see below.

BARTON-ROAD-November-2020.pdf (51 downloads)

Finally, we also oppose the off-road West (blue) route specifically because we believe it increases the likelihood of further development north of Coton.

We therefore support and on-road option for the Western Orbital – one that either uses the current lanes for buses, or makes use of the Hard Shoulder for buses between these two junctions.

So if you do nothing else, we urge you to answer Question 7 in your leaflet, and Strongly Oppose Off M11 East (Orange) and Strongly Oppose Off M11 West (Blue), and Support On the M11 route on your consultation leaflet.

Helen Bradbury
Chair of the Transport Working Group
Coton Parish Council

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