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There are a wide range of transport projects proposed for Cambridge and the surrounding area under the City Deal. However, many of them have faced widespread opposition as they are not innovative enough to solve congestion and be truly sustainable.

Coton’s environs are particularly under threat from a proposed Park & Ride Site on Madingley Hill that will extend down towards Whitwell Way, and a busway that will cut past the garden centre and through Coton Orchard.

The two local MPs, local councillors, residents and commuters are calling on the City Deal board to go back to the drawing board.

Please sign this petition to cast a vote of no confidence in the current City Deal process.

Save Cambridge from the City Deal

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  1. Kitty says:

    There once was a pathway to Coton
    (It’s near where they first named the photon)
    Don’t give your permission –
    Sign this petition!
    Don’t wreck this landscape which we dote on.

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