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Current information is available on the government website:

Eastern Region Firing Times

Should you have any queries with regards to whether the range is in use or require any other information please do not hesitate to contact the Training Area Team Leader on 01223 262403, if there is no answer get in touch with Commandant/Training Safety Officer East Anglia Training Area on 01206 736149 or 07766 813725.

If no answer ring Operations Room on 01842 855367


  1. Bethany says:

    Is anyone else finding the constant cannons firing from 8am-9pm (sometimes later) every day- a bit much? the loud bang that goes off every 5 seconds (I have counted) not only is very bad for people who suffer from anxiety, autism and post traumatic stress disorder – but also the wild life around us. I look up into the sky and see birds flying very quickly away, the dogs – including ours – are hiding under the sofa’s, barking constantly, feeling very frightened. Whilst trying to work in these circumstances, at home during this pandemic – it is virtually impossible to drown out this constant impending cannon shot. It really feels unnecessary in a time when we desperately need peace. I work as a psychologist and I can assure you others in the village will be suffering as a result of this repetitive fierce gun shot.

    Please help.

    Yours gratefully,

    Bethany Haynes

  2. Carolyn says:

    The noise you are hearing is bird scarers in the fields, operated by the farmers to stop the birds eating just planted seeds.
    It has nothing to do with the Barton Firing range, which I think has closed during the lockdown in any case.
    I am not sure how you can complain about the bird scarers – perhaps write to the Cambridge News?
    Carolyn Postgate

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