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Coton Loves Pollinators BadgeIt seems obvious, but in any pollinator-friendly garden you not only need flowers and tress that provide pollen and nectar all year round but you need to provide food and forage for pollinator larvae. That means leaves and sometimes, other small insects ( like aphids) . Dill and borage are examples, of  larvae food. But they are only doing their job if the larvae EAT them.  To be effective, they cannot be sprayed with natural or synthetic pesticide. You can’t pick the larvae and dump them in soapy water.

Butterfly larvae, like all larvae, make holes in leaves, poop and leave ragged plants. Fritillary butterfly larvae eat violets; marble wings eat either conifers, wild cabbage or mustard. Swallowtail larvae will eat blueberry and carrot family sagebrush. If you want to support butterflies, you must provide the correct host plant for larvae food for different types of butterflies  AND accept ragged plants.

To protect pollinators, larvae need specific plants, shelter and the freedom to eat host plants. To truly support pollinators, a gardener must accept they will make ugly plants. One suggestion is to plant your larval host plants at the back of your property or in  areas with lower visibility.

Source – taken from article on Foxlea.comCoton Loves Pollinators Badge

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