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From Monday 4th May the Institute of Continuing Education is launching Madingley Hall Food Services, which combine the provision of delivered food hampers and hot takeaway meals.
They’re hoping the food hampers provide a valuable home delivery service for a wide cross section of the local community, minimising individual journeys and contact, thus helping in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and supporting the lockdown measures in place.As part of the food hamper package they have included a range of ready meals, which they hope will cater well for those without the skillset for home cooking.
There are also ‘luxury’ items within the range such as beer packs, wine packs and bbq packs.
To supplement this offer they have put together a ‘takeaway’ menu, which will run during the evenings of Thursday – Sunday, offering further diversity in food and drink to our local neighbours. This, like the hampers, will be available for delivery or collection.
Please find below the Menu and Takeaway options.
Contact Matthew Brazier: 
T: +44 (0)1223 746265

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