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The Coton Network


The pandemic reminded us that we’ve been thinking for some time of setting up a village network to share information electronically.    Since its inception just before the first lockdown, the Coton Network has been used to ask for help, offer help, share information about village events, and rehome unwanted goods.

Anyone and everyone who lives in Coton can join, and approaching 70% households have so far.

If you use email, please join the Coton Network online. Through this you can send in email requests for what you need, and offer your help to other people’s requests.

There’s on average about 5 posts a day. Having joined, you can remove yourself at anytime.

To join, please email (or email Sara Godward and she’ll add you directly).

If you are not online, you can ask for help and offer help to others by phoning any of the following people.

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